Denali National Park, 2023

Secret Green Lagoon at Switzer Falls, 2023

Heisler Park View, 2022, FOR SALE

Dana Point View, 2022, FOR SALE

Laguna Beach Palm, 2021, SOLD

The Confluence, 2021, Oil, 6"X10", SOLD

The Garden, 2021, Oil, 9"x12", FOR SALE

Bird Bath and Delphiniums, 2021, Oil,  7"x8", SOLD

Between Two Trees, 2021, Oil, 6"x6", FOR SALE

Snowy master copy, 2021, Oil, 8"x11"

Savage Rock, 2021, Oil, 11"x14", SOLD

Cloud Study, 2021, Oil, 5"x8", FOR SALE

Beach Study, 2021, Oil, 8"x10", SOLD

Dana Point Harbor, 2021, Oil, 9"x12", SOLD

Pathway, 2021, Oil, 9"x12", FOR SALE

Valley, 2021, Oil, 9"x12", SOLD

Shit Rock, 2021, Oil, 8"x10", SOLD

Salt Flats 2, 2021, Oil, 5"x7", FOR SALE

Salt Flats 1, 2021, Oil, 5"x7", SOLD

Tree Study, 2021, Oil, 7.5"x10", FOR SALE

The Pond, 2021, Oil, 9"x10", SOLD

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